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I’m Ashley Brown! I am thrilled you are here and so thankful for the chance to share Grace + Porter with you. By way of introduction, I’m the visionary, graphic designer, and founder of Grace + Porter. On a more personal note, I’m a church planter's wife, dog mom, interior design enthusiast, lover of label makers, and iced vanilla lattes are my love language.

This labor of love is the culmination of my search for calling. While looking to find my place in the creative world, I explored everything from photography to stationery design to blogging. Though some of those things ended up being successful by the world’s standards, looking back, I now realize my core motivation in each season was to simply help people in meaningful ways. With much (much!) prayer, my love for graphic design and my burden to help others live with an eternal perspective in the everyday finally collided when Grace + Porter came to be.

BEHIND THE BRAND. By my side is my best friend, personal geek and husband, Greg. He and I have always worked closely in all areas of life and ministry, and Grace + Porter is no different. Over a date night dinner, we talked, planned, and prayed about what would come next. With a handful of ideas sketched out on the back of a Target receipt, Grace + Porter was born.

BEHIND THE NAME. My great grandparents, Kathryn and R.T. Porter, had four strong-willed, God-fearing girls: Barbara (my grandma), Patricia, Jerrie and Brenda. My great grandmother’s strong work ethic, love for Scripture, hospitality, and selflessness were passed on to each of the Porter sisters and their kids. Because of this, I grew up watching the women in my family read their Bibles and always referring to the Scriptures while navigating the ups and downs of life. Since I wanted the name to reflect the heart behind the brand, it seemed fitting that the legacy of the Porter family be included. My sincere hope is that Grace + Porter encourages women to be rooted in Scripture and to live intentionally Christ-centered lives - just as my great grandmother, grandma, mom, and the other women in my family did for me.

Our sincere prayer is that the products and tools we create will start conversations and equip women with simple, thoughtfully-designed, and theologically rich tools that inspire them to live intentionally Christ-centered lives in whatever season of life they find themselves.  ■