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6 Ways to Encourage Your Friend Right Now

As Christians, we’re called to sharpen each other (Proverbs 27:17), build each other up (I Thessalonians 5:11) and exhort one another (Hebrews 3:13). What only takes us a few minutes has the potential to encourage someone for far longer. Whether your friend is deep in the trenches of #momlife, dealing with anxiety, or just seems to be in a funk, here are six ways you can encourage your sister in Christ right now...

/ Hide a random note. Without her noticing, stick a random note in her purse, planner or diaper bag. It will brighten her day when she find it, and you never know, she might just stumble across it when she needs it the most.

02 / Send a Greetabl. Perfectly proportioned personalized presents. Say that 10 times fast. I somehow stumbled on this during one of those Google rabbit holes while looking for something completely different. I’m so glad I did because this idea is so genius.

03 / Send an unprompted, heart-felt text. Sometimes, the love we have for our friends doesn't need to be said aloud, but expressing the deep sisterly love you have for your friend might just be the reflection of Christ's love she needs. Something as simple as a text message can be a Godsend to a friend in need. 

04 / Send them a book. Most of my friends like to read - or at least like to read when they find the time, so sending a book I think they’ll like or find encouraging during whatever they’re going through at the moment is always a good bet. With Amazon Prime at your fingertips, it takes about 2 minutes and ten dollars to have a book on your friend’s doorstep the very next day. Need a few ideas? Check out Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen and Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley.

05 / Encourage them with scripture. There is no greater encouragement to give a friend than the truth of Scripture, and the G+P Scripture Cards were created as an intentional tool for this very reason. If you order a set for a friend, you have the option to include a gift message in your order details and we'll include a handwritten note in your order for that extra personal touch.

06 / Help take the load off. Chances are, if you ask your friend, "Is there anything I can do?", they're going to say, "No, I'm fine..." Skip the asking part and, in the words of Nike, just do it. A great idea is to drop by her house with a frozen meal that she can fix whenever she doesn't feel like cooking. That way, she doesn't have to change whatever plans she already has in place, but I can guarantee it will come in handy at just the right time.

Image by Greetabl.

Cheap Grace vs. Free Grace

"Grace" is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. There's grace for everything; grace for eating food that's "bad for you", grace for poor judgment calls, grace for falling into gossip, so on and so on. Yes, we absolutely should extend grace to others for their mistakes, and to ourselves for ours. However, without a foundation in the grace that can only come from the atoning work of Jesus Christ, any grace we claim for ourselves or others fails. It pales in comparison to the patience, humility, and love that comes from a heart that understands the grace of the Gospel.

So what is the grace of the Gospel?

We are saved by grace alone. This is a gift of God, not a work of man. We are saved by God, not because we've worked hard enough or have been "good enough" to deserve it, but because he has single-handedly saved us from death. (Ephesians 2:1-10) Now, sit on that for a second and think about the enormous freedom that is in this... If we don't have to work to merit God's favor, then we are free in the truest and most complete sense of the word. No longer are we bound to our works and our goodness -- we're bound to Christ's works and Christ's goodness.

This freedom is so highly and completely free from any sense of self-righteousness that some have used it as a license to sin. If we're free from the law, why not do whatever we want? In fact, the grace that Paul teaches in Romans 5 releases Christians from the obligation of the law so much that he finds it necessary to address this very point in the following chapter. In Romans 6:1-2, he explains that those who have died to sin can no longer live in it.

The cost of the grace of God in the finished work of Jesus Christ is far more than we could ever pay, or even attempt to repay. The grace extended to us in the Gospel is not, and never has been, cheap. There is a cost for our sin, and the payment due is death. And yet, by the grace of God, Jesus has paid that very price for everyone who believes in him. A doctrine of cheap grace that preaches a life of sin fails to recognize the cost of sin. We cannot, without trampling underfoot the Son of God, think of the grace of God as cheap.

The grace of God in the finished work of Jesus Christ is something altogether more wonderful, more magnificent, and more joyful than any substitute. It is a costly grace given freely to all who believe. It is the pearl of great price. It's the treasure buried in a field. (Matthew 13:44-46) When we finally have our eyes opened to the grace that God extends in the Gospel, we cannot remain where we are. We forsake our sin in repentance and confession, and we cling to the greatest gift ever given: The Grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Next time you find yourself thinking or saying, "There's grace for that," consider what you're saying. Is the grace you extend shallow and shaky, barely holding onto the sand of a man-made gospel of cheap grace? Or is the grace you extend to your brother or sister in Christ rooted firmly upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ alone?

2017 Gift Guide

In the words of Andy Williams, "it’s the most wonderful time of the year"! We’re big believers in getting a jumpstart on gift shopping in an effort to avoid the hustle and bustle and be able to be present during the Christmas season. In an effort to help you do just that, we’re doing the leg work for you and sharing our top gift ideas for everyone on your list.

We have gift ideas for your guy (whether that be your husband, brother, or boyfriend), girlfriends (your bff, sister, or any other gal in your life), parents (or the in-laws!), the littles (from really little to big little), and for the homebody (or the friend who loves their home). So, let's start knocking out that Christmas gift list!

Beard Oil / If "No Shave November" stuck around at your house, your guy needs a good beard oil to keep things in shape. According to our resident bearded guy, this is a really good one.

Wood Watch / These unique wood watches make a rustic yet modern fashion statement and are handmade with sustainable bamboo wood and without paint or chemicals.

Record Player / If your guy loves music, there isn't anything better than good music on vinyl. If you're looking for some good records to go along with it, we love Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars and Try! by John Mayer Trio.

Coffee Subscription / Simplify your guy's coffee routine with a weekly or monthly coffee subscription service. Concord Coffee will send their (amazing!) freshly roasted coffee straight to your door.

G+P Soli Deo Gloria Tee / Designed with guys in mind, this super soft triblend tee is sure to be his favorite go-to. Our comfy "Make Tacos Not War" tee is also a good pick for the guys!

Duffle Bag / This stylish duffle is perfect for weekend trips or the gym and is complete with a classic red pinstripe interior.

Dapper Desk Planner / For the guy who appreciates pen and paper. The leather cover is oh so nice and only gets better with age.


Perfume / Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume has a classic, fresh and clean scent that's perfectly understated and universally loved.

G+P Phone Case / Everyone has a phone and this is a great way to keep scripture and encouragement at your fingertips every single day.

Shopper / For the gal that is known for carrying everything with her at all times, this generous-sized shopper is affordable but doesn't skimp a bit on style.

Llama Mug / Um, need we say more?

G+P Grace Upon Grace Tee / Our Grace Upon Grace tee is our most popular design and is guaranteed to be the softest and comfiest tee in her closet. We especially love how tee is easy to dress up with a cardigan and statement necklace or dress down for a comfy day at home.

Recipe Box / A play on the classic recipe box, this wooden berry basket recipe box not only keeps family recipes in one place, but also looks adorable sitting on the kitchen counter.

Emily Ley Planner / Perfect for the do-er and go-getter, this simplistic and practical planner will quickly become her best friend.

Apple Watch / If you're looking to splurge on your parents this year, an Apple watch is a safe bet. This leather strap is pretty swanky too.

Yeti Tumbler / Everyone needs one of these! Yeti tumblers can keep their favorite beverages cold or hot for hours - and it's dishwasher safe!

Keurig / Upgrade their coffee routine with a fancy new single-serve coffee maker. This is also a great choice for tea lovers since it can serve up hot water in a matter of seconds.

G+P Print / A classic hymn with a timeless message. We recommend the 11x14 print pared with our favorite go-to-frame - it makes such a great gift!

Journaling Bible / This gorgeous journaling Bible is so well-designed and has generous room for notes. We love the idea of gifting a journaling Bible to a parent because it's a perfect opportunity to one day glean from their wisdom and thoughts on scripture.

Personalized Doormat / For the parents that seem to have everything and appreciate a personal touch.

Personalized Keychain / Have the concordances of your childhood home, or another place that's special to them stamped in the leather.

Wooden Toy Foodtruck / This is such a fun toy for little creative minds who love to play make believe. The little window and counter even fold up!

Jesus Storybook Bible / This is our favorite Bible for kids! Author, Sally Lloyd-Jones connects the stories of the Bible to the gospel in the most intentional and beautiful way. If you don't already have this in your home, it's a must for big kids, little kids and even adults.

Fox Backpack / This whimsical backpack made with durable materials makes this the perfect pack for the on-the-go adventure-seeker in your life. It even has an insulated pouch for snacks.

G+P Tee / It's never too early to remind little minds how we should start our day. This kids tee is fun, to the point and perfect for playtime.

Dollhouse / How cute is this wooden dollhouse?! Can we get this in life-size form, please?

Push Ride Firetruck / A simple classic for any little boy (or girl!) that wants to drive a firetruck. (Don't all kids want to do that at some point or another?!)

Flappy / This is a perfect gift for the little who's between the baby and toddler stage. Be sure to click on the link and watch the video on the description - it is ridiculously cute!

Basketweave Throw / You just can't go wrong with a cozy throw blanket. Tip: If you aren't sure what color would look best in their space, gray is always a great neutral option.

Soy Candle / This popular P.F. Candle Co soy candle is simple and perfect. Psst... the Teakwood Tobacco our favorite scent!

G+P Canvas / Our ready-to-hang stretched canvases are our favorite way to display scripture and/or inspiration in the home. 

Cutting Board / This wood and marble cutting board is the secret ingredient for whipping up a party in a pinch. Just add cheese, crackers and grapes; and you're ready to entertain.

Letter Board / We LOVE Letterfolk letter boards. They're the perfect way to add personality to any space and are so much fun to switch out with whatever mood you're in.

Electric Kettle / For the tea lover, this electric tea kettle is not only super cute but also heats up water in a jiffy and is easy to clean.

Slippers / In our book, Ugg slippers are the best. They are so comfortable, stylish and have a rubber sole which is perfect for indoor/outdoor versatility.